Why Radiation Oncology

of Atlanta?

“You have cancer” are three of the most frightening words anyone can hear. A person should not have to wait days, or even weeks, to see a specialist recognized for excellence in cancer treatment. Dr. Hamilton Williams has set aside special times to see newly diagnosed patients without delay. In fact, most patients can be seen within 24 hours.

Because cancer treatment involves many specialties, knowing which doctor to call is important. After more than 20 years in Atlanta, treating thousands of cancer patients not only from Atlanta but from all over the United States and 30 foreign countries, Dr. Williams knows your doctors. That means a closer working relationship, better access to your medical records and better coordination of your care.

Dr. Williams has proven over many years that he is at the forefront of cancer care and treatment. He continues specialized training through advanced seminars, medical meetings, and a commitment to research. This broad view of cancer treatment ensures that he knows that everyone is different, and that treatment and care plans must be individualized. Dr. Williams has demonstrated the strong work ethic and dedication needed to find the best treatment for each person.

Radiation Oncology of Atlanta is pleased to bring Dr Williams' unique talents to patients in the small group setting. The small group setting means that you are not “just another number”. He take the time to know each and every one of their patients — not just the disease — with a focus on treating the whole person. so that each patient receives the care, support and attention they need.

Radiation Oncology of Atlanta will work with your insurance company to make sure you are treated fairly. The need for complicated medical care always seems to come at the wrong time, and we believe it is an unfair burden to withhold critical treatment while waiting for a co-pay. While all physicians must follow the Medicare rules and guidelines, we will ensure that your treatment will not be held up for financial reasons.

To find out more about Dr. Hamilton Williams, click here: about Dr. Williams.

Please call Radiation Oncology of Atlanta at 404-705-9192, or call Northside Hospital at 404-300-2294 if you have questions or want to schedule a consultation or follow-up appointment.