Our Research Philosophy:

It is a simple phrase that cannot be stated often enough: Research drives progress in cancer treatment. Since medical school and residency training Dr. Hamilton Williams of Radiation Oncology of Atlanta has dedicated himself to cancer research, both clinical and protocol-based, and continues to do so today.

Beyond superior clinical care for all cancer patients he treats, Dr. Williams is the author or co-author of 79 peer-reviewed and published abstracts, journal articles and presentations at national and international meetings.

The practical importance for the cancer patient is that Dr. Williams understands the process of cancer research, which studies to value and which "new techniques" need more validation before they can be safely introduced into clinical practice. Because of his focus on clinical research, the patients at Radiation Oncology of Atlanta receive the most up-to-date, safe care available in the Southeast. Click here to review the Radiation Oncology of Atlanta bibliography.

Dr. Williams has participated in national clinical trial research for many years. These have included the Atlanta Regional Community Clinical Oncology Group, ARCCOP, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group, ECOG, National Surgical Breast and Bowel Project, NSABP, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group, RTOG, and the South West Oncology Group, SWOG. Now with the reorganization of the NIH Research Groups, new groups have been formed, such as NRG Oncology, which consolidates the NSABP, RTOG and GOG groups, as well as the NCCCP.

Through these associations our patients have access to the latest clinical trials and the latest protocols. When you choose your cancer doctors, be sure to ask if they participate in clinical trials, and if so, would you may be eligible to join.


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